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Leupitz Pest Control, Inc., is Oregon’s premier local service provider of Structural and General Pest Control services. Since 1974, we at Leupitz Pest Control have built our reputation on protecting the health and property of thousands of Oregonians on a foundation of honesty and integrity.


With over 44 years of experience in protecting the value and integrity of homes, offices, retail establishments, schools, medical facilities, food production facilities, and more, Leupitz Pest Control can provide the specialized services necessary to protect you from threatening pests.  Is the well being of your family threatened by cockroaches, rats, mice, fleas, or other health-threatening pests? Is your home or property at risk of damage or destruction by termites, carpenter ants, velvety tree ants, or wood boring beetles, Leupitz has the tools and experience to successfully care for all of these issues. Or do you simply need the expertise that comes with decades of local experience in controlling odorous house ants, spiders, or other insect pests?  Leupitz is a leader in the Oregon urban pest management industry in providing the resources that can help you make an informed choice in today’s safety and environmentally conscious marketplace.


Leupitz Pest Control—a second-generation, family-owned Oregon business and not a hidden 'branch' of an out-of-state, national, or international pest control corporation—takes pride in providing our clients with the resources and prompt local service that home and business owners living and working here in Oregon rightly deserve.


In addition to the wealth of information on our web site, you will also find hyperlinks to many of the available, authoritative Internet sites related to our services.  We pride ourselves in providing you with the resources needed to make an informed choice regarding your pest control needs.

Please explore our web site for further information regarding the pests that are unique to Portland, Salem, and the entire Willamette Valley. If you have unwanted pests, Leupitz has the solution!  To contact us regarding any of our services, please click on Contacting Leupitz.