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Pacific Northwest Structural and Urban Pests

Many insect and rodent pests play havoc in the homes and businesses of Northwest residents. Some are a serious health threat and should not be taken lightly. Other pests can damage fabric or personal effects. Wood destroying pests, such as termites, carpenter ants, and wood boring beetles, pose a serious threat to property in our part of the country.  Some bugs just "bug" people due to their unwanted presence. While many academic and pest management web sites on the Internet focus on pests common in the southern or eastern parts of the U.S., Leupitz Pest Control is pleased to present you with information regarding urban pests that most frequently affect our clients here in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest. For additional information regarding any of these pests, please feel free to contact us.

Click on the appropriate button to find out more about the most frequently encountered pests we find in Pacific Northwest homes:

     Asian Ladybugs      Dampwood Termites      Subterranean Termites
     Bed Bugs      Fleas      Velvety Tree Ants
     Bees and Wasps      Mice and Rats      Wood Boring Beetles
     Box Elder Bugs      Moisture Ants      Wood Destroying Bees
     Carpenter Ants      Odorous House Ants      Wood Destroying Fungi
     Carpet Beetles      Silverfish  
     Cockroaches      Spiders