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With the continued instability in the housing market, it is more imperative than ever for a homebuyer to know what he or she is purchasing. Older homes can run an increasing risk of termite infestation. Even newly constructed homes can have carpenter ant infestations, plumbing leaks, or other conducive conditions that can lead to premature problems. Leupitz Pest Control has an experienced staff of WDO (wood destroying organism) inspectors with decades of experience that can provide you with the services needed to ascertain the condition of your future home.

Whenever a home is bought, sold, or refinanced, most mortgage lenders and real estate appraisers will call for a WDO (“pest and dry rot”) inspection prior to closing. The purpose for this is to ensure that the lender’s investment in the property is a sound one. Our inspections and reports are comprehensive and acceptable for all forms of financing from conventional bank loans to government-insured loans and other forms of specialty financing.

What if you are selling your home? Is time of the essence in making the sale? Eventually you know that a potential buyer will want an inspection on the home. Oftentimes, a buyer may not arrange for an inspection until just a few days before closing. If problems are found in the home, a delayed inspection can result in delayed escrow closing—and delay your plans for moving. We encourage you to plan ahead for your move and order an inspection when you first put your home on the market. This allows you to get first hand knowledge on the condition of your home. If repairs need to be done, you are then able to care for these well ahead of the sale. Having a current report in hand can also serve as an excellent sales tool to show potential buyers as well.

Even if you have no present plans to sell, as a property owner you want to maintain your home or rental property in top condition. The last thing you need is pest or dry rot problems getting started in your most valuable investment. With over a third of a century of experience as a pest and inspection service company here in Oregon, Leupitz Pest Control can provide you with the inspection and service programs necessary to help you head off any potential problems.

For more information on WDO (“pest and dry rot”) inspections, click here.