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In addition to the homeowner and business pest management services that we offer, Leupitz Pest Control has a team of experienced technicians that can provide inspection and pest control services tailored specifically for professionally managed single-family and multi-family housing properties.  In many situations, pest issues (such as cockroaches, mice and rats, and other introduced insects) that arise with professionally managed properties can present challenges much different than those that may arise in a homeowner occupied dwelling.  With well over four decades of property management pest service background, Leupitz can provide the appropriate recommendations and treatment strategies to help your management business and your tenants overcome the serious issues that come from infestations of structural urban pests. 


Environmentally responsible pest management in the 21st century requires a spirit of cooperation between the pest service provider and home occupants in order to ensure successful results from invasive pests.  Leupitz has educational sheets that property managers can provide to clients to help them take the appropriate steps necessary to ensure a successful treatment program in their home.  Additional guidance can also be provided to ensure that children, pets, and tenants with special needs are kept safe through these processes.


We provided both as-needed pest services as well as pest service contracts for regular scheduled services for property management services.  Quantity unit discounts are available.  Call Leupitz Pest Control for further details; see Contacting Leupitz for the phone number closest to your property location.